Do you happen to have in your house an extremely wide wall with no window that you don’t know how to decorate? We have here some solutions that will help you make this surface look less intimidating. Wallpaper   A beautiful printed wallpaper may not be the most original idea, but it certainly is the most impressive way to decorate your wall. The wallpaper will cover successfully your wall and it will give a more dramatic background to the room.   Color blocking   This technique is one of the most special, modern, and unique ways to decorate a big wall and create an interesting perspective in the room.   Photo on the wall   Decorate a big wall with[…]

Believe it or not there are certain things happy people do to their houses that help them boost their mood. Experts insist happiness hides in small everyday things: our favorite song, a smile from a friend, or in our home. To that end, we are here to let you in on some of the secrets happy people follow in their house decoration. They will help you create a place full of positive energy. Turn yellow. Not from jealousy though. Researches show that we tend to feel happier when we look at this bright, vivid, and playful color. Yellow is also considered the color that unlocks our desire for creativity and communication. If it is too much for you to paint[…]

  There is nothing that will give you more joy than decorating the nursery while waiting your new family member to arrive. We are here to give you some ideas that will help you create an elegant and stylish nursery. Posters on the wall. An easy, affordable, and rather original idea would be to print family photos, the photo of your pet, or anything else you like, and hang them on the nursery wall. They will make the room more cozy and keep you company the sleepless nights you will spend with your baby. Experiment with the crib. Who says the crib has to be white or in the color of wood? Don’t hesitate to paint it in another color[…]

Trends in decoration change every now and then, but some of them tend to become timeless. Next, we will present you some classical trends and cost effective tips for you to decorate your house in style; all you need to put in is the effort. Make it personal: use more photos You don’t have to put frames in photos; simply create a collage of your favorite photos and stick them on the wall. On the other hand, if you want to take this tip to the next level, print your photos in canvas and turn them into pop art or any other style you like. It’s all about the corners Pay attention to the corners. Corners are the best spots[…]

One would say it is difficult to come up with original ideas when it comes to gifts for men. Well, truth be told, the market offers a big variety of gift ideas for women; with men one has to be inventive. This is why we have gathered some ideas in this article, which we hope you find useful. Mini bar kit Men who love a good drink will love this gift. It contains everything you need to enjoy a drink in an excursion or a business trip; you will never miss happy hour. Stainless steel ice cubes This is an excellent choice for men who appreciate a good whiskey. Metal ice cubes cool the drink without altering the flavor like[…]

Color in our home acts as a mood booster and is an even more ideal decorative intervention when you have children in the house. If you think that this entails painting the walls, we are here to prove you wrong. There are other solutions that will add color to your living room, bedroom, or any other room for that matter, that do not involve painting the walls. Paint the ceiling There are those sleepless nights you spend staring at the ceiling… Why not make it more interesting by giving it some color? Don’t be afraid to try a vivid color, but keep in mind that if the room is not big enough a darker color might give the impression of[…]

You look around the walls of your home and next thing you know, you decide to give them a makeover. As a result, you pick 2 colors to paint them -preferably in contrast, or the same color in different tones- and you already feel your space changing. There is still something missing though, something that will stand out and make the place look complete. This special item that will give the place the style you’ve been trying to achieve. You then remember the beautiful landscape photos from your last vacation, the sunset painting the sky in this gorgeous orange-red color with some hints of violet in it, the photos of people you love, of your dog, and you think how these[…]

The history of pop art goes starts some time in the ‘50s in Great Britain. Back then, artists started rejecting the abstract expressionism and started creating art from everyday objects. Pop art became popular in the US in the early ‘60s when it started evolving. Pop art is not about the art, it is about the behaviour that led to it. People at the time became suddenly surrounded by materials; this type of art expressed the rejection of anything traditional along with the norms of art till then. Pop art meant the welcoming of commercialization and modernization. Furthermore, it represented the accessibility the artists gave the wider audience to art. The characteristics of pop art are the strong contrasts and the[…]