General Information

If you need general information before you order please contact us by email at

Existing Customers

Regarding an Existing Order

Once you have placed your order one of our independent artist will start processing it. You can reply directly to the email notifications you receive from them, contact them directly via email, or in your project page with any inquiries or requests you might have. In your order confirmation page, you will find instructions to enter your project page.

We recommend all communication with the artists to take place in your project page; in the case of a dispute, we can use the project page communication as a reference to resolve it.

Problems With Your Artist

In case you encounter issues with the artist working on your order or they don’t respond to you, please email us at We will take immediate action in order to resolve any issues.

We operate with customer satisfaction as our primary concern and we guarantee that we will protect your order from any external factors that may result in delay, damage, or misconduct of any kind.