Refund Policy

We make sure you are covered in any of the following instances:

  • The product is lost in shipping.
  • The product is damaged during shipping.

I n both cases, you can email us at Lost and damaged artwork will be repainted and reshipped free of charge. You are not completely satisfied with the end result. Even after the revisions made, you still find the result not satisfying. In that case, feel free to contact us explaining how the painting is not meeting your expectations. Please keep in mind that the product must be shipped and returned in its original condition to qualify for full refund.

In case you would like to file for a full refund, please email us at requesting for full refund in a specific item in your order. Your request will be processed and once approved, you will receive an email address to send us the painting back to. Refunds will be issued within 15 days or receipt of your painting, and once a refund is issued it will appear in your credit card account in 5-10 business days. Refunds in payments through PayPal will appear in your account immediately.

Limitations of Refund Policy

One refund request must be submitted for a single item, not order. Each customer is allowed two (2) refund requests per calendar year. is allowed to deny refunds at our sole descretion if we find that the refund is required more than the allowed number of times declared in this policy. Customer shall be responsible for full payment of the orders that are denied refund.